Ambient Occlusion GPU scaling will scale your image horizontally and vertically so that it can fit on screen. Because I don't want to over sharpen textures with sharpening on but I do want an up-scaling … I noticed that in-game textures looked grainy. What's the deal with NVIDIA's image sharpening feature? Also, enable the GPU Scaling option. This option should be turned ON for the best image quality. By default it is set to off. Activez l’option « Image Sharpening » et cochez la case « GPU Scaling ». Tout d’abord, il faut cocher la case « GPU Scaling » dans les paramètres de l’image Sharpening Nvidia du panneau de configuration. Applications can have an in-game dynamic scaling feature for scaling the rendering resolution. If you have an Nvidia graphics card there is a new feature available on the last couple of drivers that improves the quality of the screen image quite a bit. If you want to know more about gpu scaling then visit below link: Did you happen to read the date of the last post? Pour activer l’Upscaling Nvidia, l’étape la plus importante est dans les paramètres de votre jeu. Select the Sharpen level to 0.5 and the Ignore film grain to 0.17. 12/26/2011 I feel like this was a lost topic over the last 6 years. According to Eurogamer, "They also point out that the amount of sharpening can be adjusted from 0 to 100 per cent, applied on a per-game basis and works with … not clear for me after video Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:05 pm As far as I know, GPU scaling means that in non-native resolutions the GPU … You should on gpu scaling before start gaming. Even the unwanted periphery gets scaled & rendered at a higher resolution, which is not really required for VR. However such scaling is carried out across the entire frame. Nvidia's latest major driver update brought with it several new features including performance enhancements, GPU integer scaling for retro games, a … Une fois que c’est fait, il suffit alors de baisser la résolution dans les paramètres du jeu, en dessous de la résolution native de votre écran. By default I have it turned off. Re: Image Sharpening " Gpu Scaling " what does it do ? FS2020 Nvidia best graphic settings If you want to enjoy the max capabilities of your Nvidia video card with Microsoft Flight Simulator use the following settings guideline. This approach involves scaling the render target by a factor. Open Nvidia Control Panel, go to 3D Settings -> Manage 3D Settings, select Program Settings tab and from the list select Microsoft Flight Simulator. Does anyone even use any of these features? Dans le panneau de configuration Nvidia : Menu « Paramètres 3D / Gérer les paramètres 3 » : dans les paramètres globaux ou par programme, selon votre besoin. Click OK to apply the settings. Image Sharpening. This setting increases the overall sharpness of images and enhances the visual quality of the games. Additionally NVIDIA has created a new filter for FreeStyle simply called "Sharpen" which improves performance and visual clarity that is supposed to be on par with AMD RIS but with much broader support and granular adjustment. The latest v441.12 for the 1070 for example has a new setting in the 'Manage 3D settings' in the control panel called 'Image sharpening. I enabled the ON option and not the GPU scaling to see what the hype is all about. I like the idea of running the game at a lower resolution and up-scaling back to native res but does the GPU scaling option do anything on it's own or does it need some form of sharpening to "scale".