The earthquake had an estimated magnitude of about 5.4 and resulted in over 30 000 insurance claims totalling around £3 million. Adelaide SA, Australia, 01 March 1954. image sources: photographer unknown; courtesy David Love. Surprisingly, however, Adelaide is regarded as geologically stable. Since 1837 there have been three major earthquakes recorded that have caused measurable damage in Adelaide; occurring in 1897, 1902, 1954. Some damage was caused in the event.

House in Aboyne Avenue, Seacombe Park, brick with stone veneer almost completed Residence, Macclesfield Soil creep from earthquake House in Aboyne Avenue, Seacombe Park, brick with stone veneer almost completed Waymouth St chimney Damage to Mr C.E.

1 March 1954. Tillers home, caused … The 1954 earthquake, while relatively low in magnitude, caused some damage because of its location. However, due to the geological composition (the Adelaide Plains being made up of primarily heavy clay), there was less damage than one would expect because the amplification of the tremor was lessened.

It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to correctly predict when an earthquake is going to occur, but as more is learnt about past earthquake patterns, it is easier to determine the likelihood of future earthquakes in Adelaide.

One of the most infamous earthquakes in Australia’s history was the 1954 Adelaide earthquake. Some damage was caused in the event. Adelaide for a time attained …

This was one of the strongest quakes in the area. South Australia’s fault line are due to faults in the rock, which create earthquakes that measure low in …

1954 Adelaide. Adelaide. With many people waking to a noise like a large train, there was slight damage throughout the metropolitan area but severe damage further south near Darlington. A magnitude 5.4 earthquake struck just east of Adelaide, Australia on February 28 at a depth of 4.0 km.

This is due to Adelaide being in the middle of a tectonic plate, rather than on a tectonic boundary. Its 5.4 magnitude and proximity to the highly urbanised areas of Adelaide contributed to the damage it caused. Adelaide’s last major earthquake was in the early hours of March 1, 1954, and it caused widespread damage.

In the early hours of 1 March 1954 Adelaide was rocked by its worst recorded earthquake.