NASA has developed an overall new brand identity for the NASA Artemis Program. Artemis will light our way to Mars. Artemis II, the first crewed flight test of the Space Launch System Orion, is targeted for launch in 2022. On top of that, NASA is also in the midst of creating a set of Mission Patch logos as well. The new Artemis identity draws bold inspiration from the Apollo program and forges its own path, showing how it will pursue lunar exploration like never before and pave the way to Mars. The space agency unveiled a new "Woman on the Moon" logo this week that combines a … Like many NASA emblems, the Artemis logo is replete with symbolism, beginning with the names of its colors: Earth Blue, Rocket Red and Lunar Silver. New Logo Identity for NASA Artemis Program. NASA is leaning hard into the Artemis name for its program to return astronauts to the moon. The "A," in addition to referencing the Apollo logo, represents an arrowhead from the goddess Artemis' quiver and is intended to symbolize launch.

They have also created a “Woman on the Moon” logo, which represents the upcoming 2024 landmark event. NASA will land astronauts on the Moon by 2024 on the Artemis III mission and about once a year thereafter.