By working together, we’re putting locals first to build a stronger regional Australia. Many thanks. National Party of Australia .

Federally, 6 of the 150 members of the lower house (Members of Parliament, or MPs) are not members of major parties, as are 15 of the 76 members of the upper house (senators). Donate.

Is anyone a member of a major political party? That’s why The Nationals fight for your fair share. This contribution is an investment in the development of the Party’s grassroots. If so, what is the process and what obligations are there? Donate. Last Name. *Join the next generation of leaders in the Young Nationals. Join the Greens. Leave a bequest. National Member. Enter your details below & you will be directed to the membership form for your State or Territory. Together, we are powerful. Federal Council. The Nationals’ heart is in the country and the coast. Young Nats over 18 yrs have full voting rights. But right now, things are getting serious. subscribe and manage policy advice and e-zines; no cost and completely confidential; Become a Supporter. Joining a political party? Sponsor Membership *Sponsor Members make a special contribution to the Party in addition to their membership fee. The Nationals Senate team has welcomed moves by the Government to ensure costs incurred by regional airports to implement improved security screening measures will not… Read more. Shop. First name. I figured that this would be a question best posed to the wider community, for those who have the same (or other) questions and are considering joining one. Email. Welcome to the Greens! Catch up with us on Facebook. Meet the Team. Young Nationals. Your movement. Volunteer Donate. STAY UPDATED. Putting locals first to deliver: Relief for household pressures; Particularly the ALP, Liberal, National or Greens parties, but I'm interested in all. $240 for single membership. $48 for 16-29yrs or $120 for 30-35yrs. Join Labor Join us in the fight to make Australia a country that always puts people first.

What we do next matters. Postcode. We know the potential of regional Australia, our people and communities.

Join the National Party. Australia has a mild two-party system, with two dominant political groupings in the Australian political system, the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal/National Coalition. Help us build a future for all of us. Supporter . The Nationals’ Team. For Under-35s.

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Join Labor What we stand for Organisation About National Platform National Executive National Policy Forum. Show Your Support. For 28 years, protecting the environment, putting people first and planning for the future have been at the very heart of our movement.