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... You use a singular form of a verb after it. I was still in the office when the news was brought to me.

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You talk about this news, not ' these news '.

All of us have different areas of interests and various orbits of expertise.

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news synonyms, news pronunciation, news translation, English dictionary definition of news. 97 dead, two survivors in Pakistan plane crash. NEWS2 is the latest version of the National Early Warning Score (NEWS), first produced in 2012 and updated in December 2017, which advocates a system to standardise the assessment and response to acute illness. Search . FullForms is a world’s leading online source for abbreviations and full forms, where we strive to give you a user-friendly, easy and unambiguous search experience. You are here. 05/23/2020 - 05:57.

President Trump further limited travel from coronavirus hotspots by denying entry to foreigners coming from Brazil, which is second to the U.S. in the number of confirmed cases.

Define news. Bolsonaro rocked by release of expletive-laced video.