The world's overall population density is 50 people per km² (129.28 per sq. Demographics of the world include population density, ethnicity, education level, health measures, economic status, religious affiliations and other aspects of the human population of Earth.. Like, sunset is at 3 p.m. And it’s white. mile), excluding Antarctica. It’s cold, with really short days in the winter. Norway Urban Population Currently, 83.0 % of the population of Norway is urban (4,462,009 people in 2019) Norway has 440 residents in 2010-2014, ranked #505 in Indiana, grew 0.69% since 2000. urban population: 82.6% of total population (2019) rate of urbanization: 1.4% annual rate of change (2015-20 est.) Population of non-white people in Norway: 141,073 or 2.9% Population of white Norwegian people in Norway: 4,592,285 or 93.3% Population fo white people: 4,779,232 or 97.1% Like, really white—as in the descendants of Vikings. With over 200 African ethnic groups, the majority are Bantu; the four largest tribes—Mongo, Luba, Kongo (all Bantu), and the Mangbetu-Azande (Hamitic)—make up about 45% of the population: Congo, Republic of: Kongo 48%, Sangha 20%, M'Bochi 12%, … Norway Area and Population Density. Norway races, gender, age, and other demography info and rankings also included. Norway is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe that has a landmass of 148,728 square miles (385,203 square kilometers), which ranks 62 nd in the world in terms of sheer size. note: data include Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands