The Scenario earthquake is a M6.9 crustal strike-slip Rose Canyon Fault rupture with a length of 69km, slip of a maximum of 2m, and an epicenter depth of 7.7km.

OVERVIEW The Rose Canyon Fault Zone runs through the heart of the San Diego metropolitan area, presenting a major seismic hazard to the San Diego region, the third largest and one of the fastest growing population centers in California. Fault Name Index Rose Canyon Fault Zone. In a recent report, earthquake geologists and engineers say this fault is the biggest earthquake threat to San Diego, capable of earthquakes of magnitude 6.9.

The Rose Canyon fault, an extension of the Los Angeles Newport-Inglewood fault, runs along the coast and beneath downtown San Diego. Type of Fault: right-lateral strike-slip Length: about 30 km Nearest Communities: San Diego, La Jolla, Linda Vista Most Recent Surface Rupture: Holocene, in part; otherwise, Late Quaternary Slip Rate: 1.1 mm/yr; could be greater if unmeasured parallel segments carry a significant amount of slip San Diego’s Rose Canyon fault produces powerful earthquakes more frequently than once believed, but a major temblor isn’t imminent, according to researchers from San Diego State University. San Diego's Rose Canyon Fault is at a greater risk of triggering powerful earthquakes than experts had first believed.