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i-Taiwan WiFi. The slogan is now "Taiwan - Heart of Asia", replacing "Touch Your Heart".

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Cruise Travel. The word "Heart" is kept in the slogan, but has new meaning. Media. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau officially launched a new brand for Taiwan’s tourism promotion -“Taiwan – The Heart of Asia”-on February 11.

Taiwan on 2 Wheels. The new logo consists of the word "Taiwan" and the slogan in a newly created typeface. E-Card

To celebrate the birth of this new brand, new logo, and new slogan, the Bureau also released a new Taiwan tourism promotional song and a 30-second promotional video.

The former slogan for Taiwan's tourism is Taiwan Touch Your Heart, and the logo is all sorts of colorful.

Accessible Travel. Tourism affairs are managed by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of Taiwan . Taiwan Tourist Shuttle; Taiwan Tour Bus; E-Guide. Visa Info. Now, the new slogan is Taiwan the Heart of Asia, and the logo is now a representation of Taiwan: tea, Taipei 101, snacks, Lantern Festival, nature, etc., all packed in a heart-shaped design. Overseas Tourism Offices. Tourism in Taiwan is one of the major industries and contributor to the economy of Taiwan. More information about both the old and the new logo after the jump. Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival & Moonlight Sea Concert Concert: Jun. On February 11, 2011, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau launched a new logo and catchphrase to market Taiwan. In 2015, Taiwan received roughly 10 million international visitors. The new slogan is "Taiwan – The Heart of Asia", replacing the old "Touch Your Heart" slogan. Muslim-friendly Environment.

Negeri ini terdiri atas pulau utama, dinamakan Taiwan, dan sejumlah pulau-pulau kecil di lepas pantai. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau announced a new logo and a new slogan last Friday. Taiwan Tourism Events. Taiwan Hot Spring & Fine-Cuisine Carnival 2019-10-24~2020-06-30 Taiwan Hot Spring & Fine-Cuisine Carnival.

Film. Taiwan terletak di ujung sebelah barat Samudera Pasifik, di lepas pantai Daratan Utama Tiongkok. Special Interests.

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